Tons of thing inspire me when I'm writing. I find homes on Zillow that look like the home my characters live in. I find photographs of women that are as close as possible to the image I have of my characters in my mind. Then there's music. Inevitably, each book ends up with an epic playlist. Songs that connect me to the characters and their journey within the story. Starting Over is a story overflowing with emotions. Most of the songs and/or artist on this playlist are mentioned in the book and in this order.

"Please Forgive Me" by Melissa Etheridge is the song that sums up all of the emotions that Sam experiences when she finally acknowledges her feelings for Jennifer. It's powerful and the concert version on this playlist conveys Sam's heart and soul. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak behind the scenes of Starting Over.

~Nance Sparks

Novel - Starting Over